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Unit 2A: Architectural Furniture

In Project Work on February 8, 2011 at 2:58 am

Submission deadline:   Friday 11 February 2011, 2pm, Room Number A319 (Mies)

Assessment requirementsPresentation of a portfolio of work, to include:

•     a full depiction of your design proposal to include drawings, models, 2D and 3D computer drawings and construction and detail drawings;

•     documentation of research and sketches showing design methodology;

•     a 300-word evaluation of your architectural furniture proposal;

•     Self-evaluation form.

Unit 2A learning outcomes – in order to pass Unit 2A you must:

•   demonstrate the ability to design a piece of furniture at an architectural scale;

•   produce a clear set of constructional drawings which demonstrate the scheme’s detailed resolution;

•   integrate the use of computer 2D and 3D software programmes into the design process;

•   communicate a design proposal through drawing and model making;

•   make an evaluation of a client brief.

Marking Criteria – The following criteria will be used for marking your work:

Research: systematic investigation of appropriate sources
Analysis: examination and interpretation of resources
Subject knowledge: understanding and application of subject knowledge and underlying principles
Experimentation: problem solving, risk taking, experimentation and testing of ideas and materials in the realisation of concepts
Technical competence: skills to enable the execution of ideas appropriate to the medium
Communication and Presentation: clarity of purpose; skills in the selected media; awareness and adoption of appropriate conventions; sensitivity to the needs of the audience
Personal and professional development: management of learning through reflection, planning, self direction, subject engagement and commitment.
Collaborative and/or independent professional working: suitable behaviour in a professional context alone of with others

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